gratis mp3 Download des Songs: "jawohl" mit Ralf Christoph Kaiser on Guitar eine Spaß Aufnahme -

Free mp3 download of the song:"jawohl"with Ralf Christoph Kaiser on guitar a fun recording

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Dear friends of, I want to tell you something. Today I tested the Rasperry Pi 4B Mini Computer for the first time, which I recently purchased. A Linux operating system is now running on it. I connected an older TV with HDMI connection as a screen and mouse and keyboard via USB, then the system via SD card and off we went. At first I had to find my way around a bit, but then I was able to test and use some functions. Among them was a test to buy here in this shop. That worked, but only with the payment barrier, despite the fact that it often costs zero here. So I thought if I were an 8 or 10 year old boy who uses the Rasperry Pi to experiment with it and also uses this mini computer instead of a cell phone for all sorts of applications, then I would be happy if it was also free here There are downloads that I can simply download without my dad and his credit card. Some of our music from Limoband can be found here atSoda tapeon the website actually as a free direct download. Now today I would like to offer a free download that loads directly without a registration barrier. I think I'll do that more often now. Maybe I can make some people happy. There is now the new song of mine: "Jawohl" In it I play the electric guitar and experiment a little with the sound of my amplifier. I used the following system in it:
The electric guitar is one"Ibanez" with two double humbuckers.Connected to it is a full tube amplifier from
 Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister Deluxe 40. This is connected to the box of my first guitar amplifier I ever had: vonCustom:

and a couple of effects devices are connected to it:Plasma pedalfrom Gamechanger Audio which brings a very nice distortion and thatPlus pedal also from Gamechanger Audio for an interesting sustain effect

I connected these two effects in series with an on / off switch between them that also connects a second mini amplifier via a sound filter. That second little booster is thatPositive Grit Spark Amp, which plays in my room, so to speak, in the left channel in the room and plays alone at the points when the sound is thinner and in combination with the all-tube amplifier from Hughes & amp; Kettner that is on the right in the room then produces a broad, ingenious, fat rocking stereo sound. So that you can hear the broad, deep hard rock sound of my guitar, you only have to tune the guitar a little differently than normal. I usually always tune the lowest side down to D. I also developed a completely different way of playing the guitar, where I play the chords as a one-finger bar. This is possible if you tune the guitar so that it is in fifths, because then the chord always sounds perfect with a one-finger bar. You can then easily move this one finger bar up and down on the fingerboard as you like. Now I have revealed my "e-guitar sound secret" and I wish you a lot of fun with the song:


Here is the link to it on thefree instant download:



You will get the 24 bit 96 Khz HD sound as a wav file and the mp3 24 bit 48 Khz for your mobile phone.

This is both together in a zip file of 205 MB including the cover.r.

If you want to buy the song, you can also buy the zip archive here in the store for 0.99 euros.


I thank you for your support!

Have fun with it!


Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser