Weitere Beweise zeigen, da ist was Besonders: "1000ende Himmelskörper, die fix zur Erde stehen!" das ist sehr erstaunlich - thebedtimestory.online

Further evidence shows that there is something special:"Thousands of heavenly bodies that are fixed to earth!"that is very amazing

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Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Thebedtimestory.online, today I would like to show you more photos that support my claims and prove and prove amazing things. On September 9th I made a long exposure with a view of the stars towards the North Star. I exposed exactly 7594.3 seconds. That is over 2 hours.).
The exciting thing is now, as expected, the Pole Star wanders through the picture and leaves a bright streak, but at the same time over 1000 celestial bodies or fixed objects can be seen in the sky, see screenshot and photos attached. I was amazed, because they couldn't all have been specks of dust ... Strangely enough, the things that can be seen glow and are dark and solid inside. Green, yellow, red / purple and brown celestial bodies are visible, which are fixed and do not wander like the stars. So either there were a few aliens who made a joke and flew their UFOs a few 1000 times through the picture and briefly switched on the light at a different point, or there are actually some celestial bodies that are fixed there. I used a Canon ESO R with a telephoto lens and an aperture of 10/400 ISO. Looking towards Polarstern in the north. So if you can recreate this photo, or provide similar proofs of my theory that the stars we see from earth that wander, are only an illusion of the people on earth and there are many more celestial bodies that are fixed to earth, As someone who moves, I welcome you to exchange..

Just leave me a short message by email: info@kaiser-grafix.de.

I thank you and wish you a good and nice late summer week!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser