Naturfilm mit O-Ton: "Black Forrest at its Best" by Ralf Christoph Kaiser mobile Version for free Download -

Nature film with original sound:"Black Forrest at its Best"by Ralf Christoph Kaiser mobile version for free download

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Dear friends of art and photography from Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I made a nature film in the Black Forest. I was inspired by what I saw and found some nice shots and motifs.
The film you can see here is about 9 minutes long. This includes several beautiful panoramic views of the Black Forest with a view of the Kandel. Also a piece of path through the fir forest with a stop at a pool by a tree. I have never seen such a tree with a pool anywhere else, it is very funny. Later in the film there is a beautiful scene in which I sink down to the level of the grasses and flowers with the camera and film through there until I arrive at an inhabited clover blossom. There are 4 insect beetles on it. One sleeps further back left and two in the foreground fiddle with each other. At the moment when the camera focuses on this scene, the two beetles make love by wiggling away. The fourth in the group suddenly comes into the picture and also wants to mix a little. Then there is a brief scramble until the intruder disappears and the two lovers continue with their love action, as if nothing had happened. This scene is really very cinematic. This is literally the highlight of the film. After that comes some banter in the forest with a beautiful, imaginative final scene.
All in all, I am very happy with the result and now I know even better what is important for such original sound recordings.
You can download the film here in a small size for your cell phone for free or simply stream the film on the page in large.


Here is a short poem about the key scene:

Two beetles make love
someone comes and disturbs your lower instincts
For that the blows get
The first two continue as if nothing had happened
They continue to honor each other
Fulfilling Love on the clover flower
Good gracious
The child next door falls asleep
Good night and dreams fine

Thanks for your support!

And good night!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser