new Audiodrama: Dragon Fairytale at the Mountain als Video und mp3 fürs Handy jetzt bei -

new audiodrama:Dragon Fairytale at the Mountain as video and mp3 for the mobile phone now at

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Dear friends of and the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, Today you can find the new radio play: Dragon Fairytale at the Mountain as video and as mp3 for your mobile phone. The story lasts 8 minutes and stimulates the listener's imagination. The following scenes appear in it:
1. Hang gliding in the mountains
2. Dragon nest with dragon eggs
3. Dragons eating in the cave
4. Dragons napping and chatting
5. Dragon children playing by the lake in the cave
6. Dragon flies away
I had great pleasure creating this radio play. A couple of sound designer friends who have made their Sound FX available at are also part of the party. I find the moments in the film particularly funny when the dragons talk to each other. If you listen carefully, you can even understand them.
At one point I have a little bit of the sound design myself. When the dragons eat you can hear the dragons grunting and smacking at the end of the scene. This noise was created by processing the noises of grunting pigs with a few filters and effects and then pitching it down so that it sounds deeper, like dragons ...
It's amazing what imagination and imagination can be stimulated in the viewer by just a few noises and music in combination with a drawing triggering the human brain.
In these audio drama and radio plays, I specifically decided not to have spoken text so that the story is more free. In addition, this production method with just a few still images has the effect that the viewer's imagination is particularly challenged. What in the cinema often means an overloaded flood of images and concrete visuals is here with this simple production method with real images and real hand-painted drawings and watercolors that only illustrate the key scenes an invitation to think up the film yourself in the imagination and inner visualization. The children and viewers are invited to bring the figures to life in their imagination.
Now I wish you a lot of fun with the film and the radio play.
Thanks for your support!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser

 PS: Here are a few more names:

The music while the dragon children play at the lake at the end of the film: "Upbeat Uplifting Acoustic Indie Folk" is by the composer: Yuarmusic
The music at the beginning of the film: Optimistic Corporate Inspiration 10 Minutes is from the composer: Andre Albrecht and from the publisher: four_trackck
I would also like to thank all the other sound designers and music producers who contributed to this project.