new dramatic classical hit single: Jaguar by Ralf Christoph Kaiser on the free mp3 download -

new dramatic classical hit single:Jaguar by Ralf Christoph Kaiser on the free mp3 download

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Dear friends of music and art from Ralf Christoph Kaiser on Tonight I'm releasing a new delicacy with the dramatic classic piece: "Jaguar. Anyone who has heard this song once will not forget it and whoever looked into the eyes of that black jaguar on the cover of the song, those eyes will never go It is impressive, majestic and dignified with power and a lot of feeling and at the same time it touches you, this look that wants to say: "I take note that there is no escape, but you never have my consent for it ". This jaguar on the cover photo by AB Photography on Adobe Stock looks almost a bit gloomy and inside wild with anger, while on the outside it is calm itself and apparently surrenders to its fate. Somehow the piece is also similar: It sounds dramatic and powerful in the bass, with sublime melodies in the brass section, with increases to the unbearable; at the same time slow and serene and yet powerful and moving . The melodies sound loving and yet so very lost - they sound optimistic and beautiful and at the same time near the end and deeply sad. One actually expects a higher note, which then only sounds in the imagination, while the trumpet turns around shortly before and takes a different path to an open end. Does the jaguar come free again Does he still have the opportunity to escape despite all negative regulations? Is he still granted a second half of his life in happiness, or all entanglements just drag him down into the abyssund?
The jaguar on the cover is black like night, and the background of the picture is deep black. Only the fur shines in the light of the headlights and the eyes shine in yellow. The jaguar looks piercingly and intensely at his viewer in the hope of reaching his innermost being with his request for mercy.
Somehow we all want the right dose of hope at the right moment and now during the corona pandemic that we can live more normalcy again as soon as possible and the curfew and all other restrictions are lifted. Maybe the mask will soon be a thing of the past

I wish you a lot of fun with this piece!
Thanks for your support!
Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser for


PS: You can get the sheet music for the piece in the store next week