jetzt neu das Brass Ensemble Stück: "Stürmische See" in C-Minor als free mp3 Download -

now the new Brass Ensemble piece:"Stormy Seas"in C minor as a free mp3 download

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Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, in the last few weeks I have been working harder on various brass ensemble pieces, which I now want to publish here one by one. I start with this piece: "Stormy Seas" in C-Minor. It's a very intense piece that comes across as poignant and powerful. Everything is there, hope and love, tension and drama, adventure and lust.

You can get this piece here as a free mp3.


If you want the sheet music for this piece you can find it here in my music and sheet music store:

The party can include: tuba, trumpet notated in C, trombone, horn in F, bass tuba, cello and violins.

Overall, the piece can be performed well with around 7-10 musicians.

I'm happy to present this piece to you today and thank you for your support!

Best regards
Ralf Christoph Kaiser