O Holde Heimat klassisches Orchesterstück in G-Dur in Kombination mit dem Naturfilm am Teich, free mp3 und 2 hochauflösende Fotos und das Video fürs Handy als free download - thebedtimestory.online

O Holde Heimat classic orchestral piece in G major in combination with the nature film by the pond, free mp3 and 2 high-resolution photos and the video for your mobile phone as a free download

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Dear friends of art and music from Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I am publishing the piece of music: O Holde Heimat in G major. It is a classic work that puts on a good mood and celebrates life happily and splendidly. The video shows several scenes at a pond in Taubergießen. This pool has earned my full attention in the past few days. There are so beautiful places in it. Aquatic plants that bloom like the frog bite Hydrocharis Morsus-Ranae, many water runners scurrying across the water, dragonflies flying by. It is like a natural paradise. I filmed the pond all around in this video and there are many beautiful places in it.rin.
It feels like in the natural kingdom of the water mermaids, the pond elves and the toad in the pond. It is like a phabetic world from a fairy tale book.

You can get the notes for the piece of music:„Download O Holde Heimat in the www.RalfChristophKaiser.com storen and also get the high resolution file. A smaller version of the video is also included in the package.

At TheBedtimestory.online you can get the free mp3 and two very nice photos of the frog bite flowers on the water and a mobile version of the video.

At Tucano-eCards you can send the video as a greeting card and at SoundCloud in the kaiser-musix profile you can stream the classic work for free.

The original video in the highest resolution 4K and HQ quality will be available from tomorrow on YouTube in the Ralf Christoph Kaiser channel.

I hope you enjoy the piece!

Thanks for your support!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Here are the lyrics to the work:

I reminisce
Delicate beings cool wet,
I'm putting on a new barrel
The dragonfly flies there
and sits in the middle,
linger on a branch
The water runners hurry from everywhere,
They hover gently over the surface of the water,
They gently nudge each other,
It all seems full of life
It's boggy and mossy
Just a pool
The view is rosy here
If we can still experience this love from here,
Everything will be fine and hope will win
I forgive myself some things
And I immediately love you again.
Like an eternal longing
To renew yourself again and again
And to affirm his love of yore
Find each other in the greatest happiness
and overcome that wounded,
Healing hearts, the mermaids start joking,
The toad gives the green light
please don't forget mine
To be alone is my greatest renunciation
I'm like a drunk gnome
But fully there and present,
And filled with music and sound,
I once sang dear songs for you,
It's like an urge to give birth again and again
We take the horses to Moravia
There is peace among the talaries,
We distribute fresh ears of corn,
And will all feed us blessedly,
Like the farmer with his barn,
Just astral and without tax,