Gedicht 11: "Allumfassende Liebe" musikalisches Gedicht der 3. Staffel by Ralf Christoph Kaiser für als gratis Download -

Poem 11: "All-encompassing love" musical poem of season 3 by Ralf Christoph Kaiser for as a free download

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Dear friends of The Bedtimestory online tonight, I am publishing the first poem of season 3, poem 11: "All-embracing love" This poem was created on January 23, 2020 and describes a dream like an ideal state that you would like to achieve. When I recited the text today and took the picture, I remembered the time about 8 years ago when we had a beautiful fruit tree in the garden that gave us a lot of delicious fruits. Back then there was a terrace in the garden, a children's playhouse on stilts, a trampoline, the rabbit gate, and the cat in the middle, as you can see on the cover. It was basically like the "Garden of Eden" and we lived in the middle of it, at that time still for rent. I like to remember beautiful moments from that time and secretly I have the hope that if everything is digested and processed as far as possible, there will be the opportunity for a second spring with another happy gathering in the community. With company and in the presence of the family ... This poem recalls this and brings with it the hope that it will be so similar again, perhaps with fewer problems than at that time? Maybe some moments of stress can now be avoided in advance, because you have all the experiences, what has been like? So to speak, foresighted driving into a new future that brings new sociable moments of happiness.
I hope you enjoy the song. I play the flute, an electric bass and a synthesizer. Overall, the piece has become quite transcendent and inspiring and relaxing.
The sunset on the balcony tonight was also very nice. I had cooked something delicious with the new herbs that I had potted and the world was really beautiful again.
Have a good night

best regards

Here are the lyrics:

All-encompassing love, January 23 , 2020

All-embracing love

I make sure I get it.

Embedded in the community,

we feel our passion.

The family like a solid tree.

The sun floods the room.

The mighty star maintains balance.

We wash our faces in the water.

Life is beautiful like a poem.