Gedicht 13: "Having a good Time tonight" als musikalisches Gedicht für The Bedtimestory online als gratis Download -

Poem 13: "Having a good time tonight" as a musical poem for The Bedtimestory online as a free download

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Dear friends of The Bedtimestory online, today I am publishing the musical poem 13: "Having a good Time tonight". After a busy day today, I cooked deliciously see cover and served a red wine, later a pipe on the balcony at sunset and it's my turn again.
I am very grateful for the day today and look forward to the next week.
Enjoy the song. I played the flute and electric bass and a synth that sounds like an old analog electro organ with a bit of distortion.
I wish you a good night!

Thanks for your support!
Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Here you also get the lyrics:

Having a Good Time tonight December 3, 2019

Having a good time tonight

Right by your side

The Moon is shining bright

Love you allright