Gedicht 15: Aquamarin ein musikalisches Gedicht by The Bedtimestory online als gratis mp3 Download -

Poem 15: Aquamarine a musical poem by The Bedtimestory online as a free mp3 download

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Dear friends of The Bedtime Story online, today I am publishing a new musical poem No. 15: "Aquamarine". It is about the phable world of the mermaids and nymphs in the pool together with the amphibians and the toad and so on. This topic has been on my mind for several years and I have approached this fantasy idea in different ways. I was originally inspired by the discovery of a painting by John William Waterhouse: Hylas and the Nymphs. This painting has sparked some controversy in recent history and has even been removed from the Museeum because of allegedly hostile women and to protect people from them.
It scared me a little to learn about it because I find the beauty and grace of these nymphs in his painting very beautiful. It is actually more of a tribute to femininity in a happy community that can be seen there. So as long as Jeff Koons is a celebrated international star in the art scene and also his early, but very clearly pornographic works are publicly exhibited in many places, I do not understand why with a work 100 years older, which is also very subtle and respectful of this topic " Love in the group “approaches, so is treated critically.
Some of the more violent and warlike representations with a military background, whether "warning", "processing" or "accusing" from recent history, of which there are even room installations in some museums, come up much more.
Actually, I didn't want to get upset about it, but instead explain and look at my artistic work.
In May 2017 I composed the classical orchestral works of the EP Mythical Creatures. There is also a song on it: "Wassernymphen"

In 2019, I often spent time in Taubergießen am Rhein after work and discovered beautiful places of almost untouched nature in the nature reserve there. Then I often painted and photographed this landscape and the experience of this fabulous pool. The cover of today's poem: "Aquamarine" shows an oil pastel chalk painting, which symbolizes exactly this underwater world in a happy community. A fan like the webbing of a newt or a mermaid in the colors: green, blue, yellow is outlined in pink. The underwater landscape is hidden behind the fan, just like in Phantasialand.
Another picture that fascinated me very much in this connection is from Eduard Robert Hughes: "Midsummer Eve" from 1908 This tender love and respectful representation of happy community in peace and joy between people and subtle mythical creatures is exactly the topic I am concerned with , both under and over water.
A fantasy world behind the veil of waking consciousness that can only be guessed at, that can bring as much joy and enjoyment as a delicious fruit cream curd dessert with vanilla sugar, spoons for spoons ...
I wish you much joy with the new musical poem 15: "Aquamarine" with flute, electric bass and analog electric organ with some distortion.
Thanks for your support!
And a blessed good night's sleep on all sides
Your The Bedtime Story Online

Here are the lyrics:

Aquamarine 01/23/2020


I'm rich in the pond

The toad gives us the blessing

For all our ways

The mermaids smirk and poke

The amphibian swims through here

The golden ring shines on the finger

I love your things