Gedicht 16: "Flowers in the air" ein musikalisches Gedicht by The Bedtimestory online als free mp3 Download -

Poem 16: "Flowers in the air" a musical poem by The Bedtimestory online as free mp3 download

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Dear friends of music and poems by Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today at The Bedtimestory Online you get poem 16: "Flowers in the air". Sometimes you want something more free-flying joy and lightness, perhaps accompanied by a loved one? This poem speaks of it in simple short words. A little tenderness, a little respectful handling and true love as delicious as a dessert, this piece comes to you immediately.
It's like a request, a dream, or a short prayer. The implementation is a bit funny because it was a mixture of German and English in the text and therefore sounds like English ;-)

The effect is certainly the same in the other languages ...
The flute is inspired by an electric bass and an analog electro organ with slight distortion. In between, the voice comes in instead of the flute and makes the whole piece much warmer and cozy ...

Flowers in the air like a delicate love scent

Listen to it and enjoy life ...
Thank you for your support and a good night's sleep, everyone!
Your team from The Bedtimestory online
Here are the lyrics:

Flowers in the air, February 28, 2020

Flowers in the air,

Here you go,

a bissle we make love,

and have a dessert,