Gedicht 2: "Glas klar und doch verborgen" musikalisches Gedicht von als gratis Download -

Poem 2: "Glass clear and yet hidden" musical poem by as a free download

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Poem 2 goes online tonight: "Glass clear and yet hidden". This poem is recited musically by Ralf Christoph Kaiser.

This radio play offers a completely new experience of poems and spoken poetry. The rhythm in the background always drifts ahead, accompanied by various sound noises that represent a bit of the future combined with classic instrument inserts and the spoken word. Because the lines rhyme with each other, the whole connects in a harmonious way and continues in every pause between the lines. This poem here is something to smile about. Listen to it. You can also download this musical poem for free.

Have fun with it and thank you for your support!

The Bedtimestory online

Here are the lyrics:

Glass clear and yet hidden September 21, 2018

Glass clear and yet hidden

We'll look after ourselves

Loving and approving

Let's earn pennies

1000 times you

And I watch myself doing it

How we bless each other in no time

Our wildest dreams

Are more than foams

They come like waves

Across the pond

The future in the past

Will be released now

I am ready for anything again

With you and me for two

Get yourself to safety

And dwell in prayer from time to time

We are healed from divine unity