Gedicht 21: "Wie das Dichten mir ist" ein musikalisches Gedicht von Ralf Christoph Kaiser für als free mp3 Download -

Poem 21: "How poetry is for me" a musical poem by Ralf Christoph Kaiser for as a free mp3 download

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Dear friends of music and art by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and The Bedtime Story online, today we start the next round with the first poem of season 4: poem 21: "How poetry is to me". It is a musical poem which is very much It is a playful bass, pizzicato strings, an analog organ that has been slightly distorted in combination with a modern Wurlizer, plus percussion, drums and timpani, and brass instruments in the background .
It is a very moving and rather funny piece which also comes across a bit like jumping.

You can buy the sheet music in the store.

The cover for the song was created last night. It shows the night sky with the brightly shining Venus and the Vosges Mountains in the background, in the foreground I can be seen in profile with a hat and ponytail. The photo was exposed for about 30 seconds with self-timer, hence this blurred shadow effect from me. It was a great pleasure to take this photo and it looks a bit like I want to hold Venus in my arms or to catch it.
The poem 21: "How poetry is to me" was created on December 18, 2017 and describes the process and the feeling that I often have when I write poetry.
A bit of ethereal subtlety is necessary so that the poetry is as easy and relaxed as I have seen it before.
I hope you enjoy the piece.

Thanks for your support!

Here are the lyrics

How the poetry is to me 18.12.2017

Poetry is like a whir of many muses and divine inspiration

Around me and inside me

I hear the words purring in love like a cat on my lap

I feel word for word in a fort

So that it rhymes, I use something like the astral glue

I keep everything else secret

It feels so good

When the words pour out

Like a good wine

Every drop wants to be there

In the greatest happiness

Love always resonates

It often feels like I'm at home with myself

I'm my poet