Gedicht 3 "Heimliches sich daheim fühlen" musikalisches Gedicht als gratis mp3 Download -

Poem 3 "Feel at home at home" musical poem as a free mp3 download

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Dear friends of The The Bedtimestory Online, there is now the poem 3: "Feel at home secretly" it sounds like a doomsday radio from the other bank with background noises and dramatic musical production. Gloomy and hopeless in the best case as in winter when a long day comes to an end and one sinks exhausted on the sofa or in bed. It is a doomsday drama that despite the actually hope-seeking love poem arouses some need and leaves helplessness.
I decided to publish this musical poem anyway, even though it is so melodramatic, because in the Corona crisis it is actually probably just the mood for many that you have when you consider the full scope of the current global catastrophe.
Perhaps this is a consolation, by allowing this mood to go through once, it is hopefully released and the patient healthy because immune ....

Stay healthy and hopefully for better times in the future!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Here are the lyrics:

Feeling secret at home October 23, 2018

Feeling secret at home

Feeling good between the chairs

A little more, I am yours

Bring a little more carrot here

Little bunnies in the pit

I will soon press the tube again

Little smack 💋 in luck 🍀

The Hans has it best

Little thanks you my dear 💕

All blows are forgotten