Gedicht 7: "Die segensreiche Zukunft kehrt zurück" ein musikalisches Gedicht von als gratis mp3 Download -

Poem 7: "The blessed future returns" a musical poem by as a free mp3 download

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Dear friends of The Bedtimestory online today with a day's delay, there is the new poem 7: "The blessed future is coming back" written and recited by Ralf Christoph Kaiser. I think everyone knows the situation at some point in their lives when, so to speak, "all the skins float away". Or a lot gets out of joint. Now in the global corona pandemic, this situation affects more people than ever at the same time. I think many would like to wish that there was a spell that transforms everything that seems seemingly hopeless at the moment and that it becomes “all good” again in the end.
This hope is expressed in this poem. It is basically a love poem because it very strongly stimulates the romantic and erotic imagination. Maybe the mental discussion and secret visualization exercise that is inspired by this poem brings us closer to the desired goal of all dreams. Feeling and experiencing love and enjoying life to the fullest. Just like when the flowers and trees start to bloom again in spring, from isolated or grouped daffodils to the lavish abundance of the blossoming cherry trees. There should be something for everyone. And the birds warble and give a concert. Thank god there is so much beautiful nature and fauna almost everywhere in the world!
I hope you enjoy this musical poem.
This time I just put the electronic soundscape with the beat and the sound noises under the voice. This time I left out the funny classic and lead sounds. Maybe less is more here this time?
Thanks for your support!
Love and Peace

The beneficial future returns March 2020

The blessed future is returning

The overwhelmed past is rapt.

The enjoyable present has delighted me even more

I bent down to myself

And picked a flower for you

A little hope with bliss

On vacation by the sea with the sun

The friends drive a column

The worries are released

I tenderly instill my mana again

I kiss 😘 your cunts

We are less angry immediately '

I come in your lap

My renewed sky is great

Shared joy heals past pain

I like to be yours again