Gedicht 8: Was wäre der Regen ohne Meer musikalisches Gedicht by als gratis Download -

Poem 8: What would the rain be without the sea musical poem by as a free download

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So dear friends of, I hope everyone can sleep well today, despite Corona or financial worries, and occasionally laugh and enjoy life.
This poem number 8 is, so to speak, the infinity loop or the eternity that comes up here in a very subtle and somewhat cryptic way. Why, because it actually raises the question of where does the sea come from? Because it rains and therefore water always flows into the sea and then the water evaporates again and comes back as rain. So a cycle and this cycle repeats itself again and again. Forever? Probably not, because at some point the water must have come from somewhere and at some point the earth is definitely in a different age. In an age when the seas have just evaporated, so to speak. So what would you want as a human being now if you lived here today?
So I would say that at the top we all have the right to be happy.
And if we have children, we certainly want them to be happy and to be happy in the future. From every person here on earth something lives on after death, because every person leaves an imprint.
I think if you ask yourself pretty much every question you can ask yourself to the eternity that you are currently interested in, then at some point you will come back to your roots, at least when you have been through them for tens of thousands of years Traveled forever.
The cover photo is from 2010. At that time I went back to the roots, or I was interested in this topic and I wanted thick, broad roots. I am pretty sure that as a result the possibility developed to revive my marriage and to be happy with my family again for a long time.
Now 10 years later I live separate from my family and remember it again because now I see it a little differently than I did then. Back then, the tree was my family. Now that I live alone, it's a return to myself and it feels like I'm the tree.
A year ago I got to know a tree that stood there without green and I wished so much that it would turn green again. But spring was long over when it still had no leaves. That made me very sad. Then I thought it still had a function, because there were always a lot of birds on it and he also had ivy tendrils around him. Somehow I always hoped for a miracle that this tree would turn green again. The farmer to whom this tree belonged thought that he had already seen it, but sometimes only certain branches that were green longer instead of the whole tree, for example with very old fruit trees. I have already encountered such old "rabbits" under the trees. But this one dead tree, which I called the Black Magic Tree, was unfortunately felled recently.
Now there is just a hole in the landscape and the ravens have lost their home. I very much hope that there will soon be a new tree there that will grow again.
I have already got to know forests that are allowed to overgrow in nature reserves. Old trees can actually just fall over and rot and next to it comes the new tree. Maybe trees can also be "born again"?
I am definitely up to date now that so many trees are leafing again after the bare winter time so glad and grateful for every tree that may turn green again in spring! Like a miracle of nature, the tree gives birth to itself every spring. The cherry trees start to bloom and bring hope and joy with the accompanying expectation of an upcoming rich summer with ripe fruit that can be harvested.

Maybe there are also ways to make sure that trees can be “happy” longer and green again and again by being treated well? After all, the trees use their "chlorophyll" to bring a lot of fresh oxygen into the world, which in turn is so important for people to live in ...

Certainly there are also many people who like to plant trees or have them planted to do themselves and the world a "favor".

I hope you enjoy this somewhat thoughtful poem.

Here are the lyrics:

What would the rain be without the sea 🌊 December 4, 2018

What would the rain be without the sea 🌊

What would life be without dessert 🍨

What is love 💕 without a kiss 💋

My back to the roots is a must

I am