Gedicht 9: Ein Schwert ein Mann musikalisches Gedicht by als free mp3 Download -

Poem 9: A sword a man musical poem by as free mp3 download

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A new musical poem number 9: "A sword a man" goes online today. It is the lyrical preparation of a heroic epic at a time when man-to-man fights were still in demand in "fair play". Thanks to genuine camaraderie and friendship ties, I'm able to do everything again.
It may be an unusual idea to send a fighter through rebirth on Easter Monday, but let's be honest, everyone needs the right amount of strength and assertiveness to assert themselves in the fray. Maybe like back then with the Alemanni? Wild and impetuously strong and proud at the same time, yet tender and soft inside ...
Perhaps my soul only wishes for a strong protector who can make a home safe and secure again?
Perhaps it is only the hope that intelligence and knowledge will help you get ahead today with more muscle power?
Or is it the magic behind the things that brings everything to life?

I hope you enjoy this poem.
Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser from The Bedtime Story online

Here are the lyrics:

A sword a man February 9, 2019

A sword a man

A hero who can

Pepper on steak 🥩

Champion on the sauce

I'm in a good mood again

And bless me the supply

Hope poverty will end soon

I prefer to waste in love 💕

Half oxen 🐂 whole pigs 🐖

I'm howling again in mine