Kurzgeschichte: "Elvis in der Küche" by Ralf Christoph Kaiser und dazu der Song "Shobido I Love You" in High Resolution Qualität als gratis Download - thebedtimestory.online

Short story:"Elvis in the kitchen"by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and the song"Shobido I Love You"in high resolution quality as a free download

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Elvis in the kitchen
Yes Elvis is alive, have just spoken to him several times.
He told me that he materializes more often than Elvis to see what happens. He suddenly appears somewhere and has a lot of fun doing it.
I heard the song"Love me Tender"by Elvis today and suddenly he spoke to me while singing.
We then talked about this and that while thinking about something in particular, when he was singing he responded with his Elvis voice, just talking through it from the hereafter through his singing that sounded in the room. That is the best entertainment in the evening when there is no one else to talk to ...
I went to the kitchen to brew tea. Suddenly a huge grill appears in the middle of the kitchen next to me and says to me:"I am born again Elvis"I grinned first and thought wow, that's a nice idea. I hear your music and you are in the room and talk to me in the form of a cricket. So I am absolutely certain that this cricket did not come through the window and also not over the balcony, because both were closed. So just the deal:I listen to your music for a few minutes and rave about happiness for you and suddenly you materialize in the same room. That is already an extended experience.
However, I have great respect for the big crickets in my apartment. So far, I have mostly only had visits from flies and fruit flies that just appear and disappear again. But such a real cricket is very impressive. Maybe the Elvis in human form just needs a little more love for him and a few more songs in luck for that to work ...
So I'm definitely ready for it to work.
This is even better than Harry Potter, because you always needed a fireplace and flea powder. In fact, a large portion of true love and just the degree of an Ehlochim angel that you had physically before is enough to make it work.
Maybe in the end everything will be fine, because if it is not good it is not the end ... or something ...
Love you and greetings Ralf

PS:I am giving you the song of mine"Shobido I Love You"in high resolution quality 24 bit 88 Khz as a free download ;-)