Geschichte 1: "Die Fabel vom Regenwurm" gratis PDF Download bei -

Story 1: "The fable of the earthworm" free PDF download at

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Dear friends of The Bedtimestory online. Today I start with a first short story called "The fable of the earthworm". You get the story as a free pdf with watercolor drawing translated into 5 other languages: in English, French, Russian, Spanish and Italian in addition to German.

Have fun with it!

Your team from The Bedtimestory online

Here is the story:

The fable of the earthworm,

today I was walking in the city center to eat a kebab.

On the way back I came past the ice cream parlor on the market square and wanted to treat myself to an ice cream there.

Then I noticed that there was a long line that I would have had to wait over 10 minutes to get to. Since the time was too bad for me I went on and thought to myself. Then I just buy an ice cream at the gas station up front, it does. On the way to the petrol station I walked on the sidewalk next to the street and passed a living earthworm that was just on the left from the meadow towards the street.

I said to him: "This is the wrong direction!" And went on. As I walked on I thought about the earthworm all the time. 1 minute later I arrived at the gas station and found out that Sunday is closed. That was a disappointment because now I had taken this detour and still hadn't had any ice. I figured. Ok at least now I'm going to save the earthworm from the street. So I went back to where I had seen him before. I didn't find him at first, but I saw a blackbird hopping in the bed next to it. Then I thought to myself: "Surely the blackbird tasted the earthworm!" But just as I thought I saw the earthworm lying on the street a step ahead of me. But completely dead and dried up. It was the same earthworm from before, with its injured, thick patch that had healed, but it was now dry. How could that be? I'm only two minutes later at this point where he came crawling alive and thick before and he's already dried up? In reality, did two days or more pass while I was away for two minutes? Would it be theoretically possible that the time passed relative to me was much faster than the time given after the physical atomic clock? I was shocked, had no evidence that it really was, except for this experience that made me think.

The moral of the story: “If you see an earthworm that would run into certain death if it continues to crawl on the asphalt in hot summer weather, then immediately rescue him into the green where he can find fresh earth and dig, because later it might be too late. "

I now have a bad conscience, but in this fable that I wrote today, this earthworm lives on and comes in honor ...

Instead of an ice cream, I had a decent hot milk coffee at home, which was also delicious.