UFO Beweis Video von Ralf Christoph Kaiser vom 10.01.2021 aus Deutschland Downloadpaket inklusive weitere Fotos - thebedtimestory.online

UFO proof video by Ralf Christoph Kaiser from January 10th, 2021 from Germany Download package including additional photos

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Dear friends of astrophotography of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, after I had over 3 UFO sightings last year with photos and videos as evidence and on January 10th, 2021 I was able to make another sighting, I now decide to go public with it and share my results with you to show this new evidence video and make it available for download. On Sunday, January 10th, 2021, I first photographed and observed Mars and later sighted the star Capella in the constellation Fuhrmann. Some very spectacular phenomena happened, which I would like to show you here today. The video that I offer you here in the download package has been edited by me on the computer so that this UFO was even more clearly visible by placing color filters over it, increasing the contrast, making the video negative, then enlarged it 600 times and played at a speed of 50 and filmed from my screen with my mobile phone while I was talking to it. I find this discovery so phenomenal and extraordinary because you can see exactly the flight behavior of the UFO in the video. It always seems to appear briefly in a certain position in the time continuum, to approximately hold the position and then disappear again to reappear again shortly afterwards at another point nearby. The UFO appears to be blinking. In the original video, the flashing is visible to the naked eye in red, in my edited version an exciting light effect can be seen through the increase in contrast. It looks as if the object is rotating in itself, or alternating between three horizontal positions. If you are interested in further material from me, or if you want to exchange ideas with me about your own discoveries, you are most welcome to write me an email to: info@kaiser-grafix.de Subject: TheBedtimestory.online UFO sighting.

I have often thought about aliens, that is, aliens, but I believe that all the alien species from other planets and galaxies have actually been among us here on earth for a long time, just incarnated physically in human form, right? as an animal or insect or as a plant. I suppose that the true shape of many species and individuals is actually very different from the shape of a human. Certainly this actual true form of the species is also visible and tangible in other dimensions and on other planes of existence, only as long as we as humans are physically present here on earth, to be concealed in our consciousness here on site.
This UFO Unknown Flight Object, which can be seen in my video, has, according to my assumption, simply traveled here from a later time of the people on earth and was visible in my reality on Sunday because I had been dealing with this topic for a long time and furthermore, in my conscious physical reality as a human being, admit such objects as possible reality.e.
Whether it makes sense to deal more with such topics is certainly another question, but it is exciting, because quasi technical achievements from the future are visible here in the present without having any direct influence. Basically everything is possible at some point in Warsaw that people have ever thought up, so why not now partially prove or refute what everyone liked to watch in the cinema?
If we can avoid catastrophes on earth, that will certainly be beneficial and I am sure that a friendly picture of extraterrestrial higher intelligent beings that are involved is certainly more helpful than, on the contrary, how often hostile, conquering aliens happen to summon who wanted to bring the end of the world to people.
I think everyone can decide for themselves what they prefer.

I thank you for your support!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser