Kasperle Folge 7: "Kasperl und die wahre Mandarine" ein Hörspiel von TheBedtimeStory.online als free Download - thebedtimestory.online

Kasperle episode 7: "Kasperl and the true tangerine" a radio play by TheBedtimeStory.online as a free download

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Dear friends of TheBedtimeStory.online, I am happy to present you a new story today with Kasperle episode 7: "Kasperl and the real tangerine".
I promise you tears of laughter are guaranteed. In particular, former Waldorf students will probably remember various class games ;-)
It's so much fun to produce this series ;-)
This episode 7 from season one is even an extended version with 9 minutes and 31 seconds of playing time. Extra long fun, so to speak, with a particularly long effect! ;-)
Ask your buddy or girlfriend about side effects and please share this file as often as possible ...

Thanks and Tri Tra Trullala the Punch is back.
Your crew from TheBedtimestory.online