Eine Rede zu Ostern 2021 von Ralf Christoph Kaiser: "Best Health Care to Share" - thebedtimestory.online

A speech by Ralf Christoph Kaiser at Easter 2021:"Best Health Care to Share"

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Dear friends of Thebedtimestory.online and the art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, I would like to publish this flaming speech from me in an international text version at a late hour on Easter Monday 2021:


Best Health Care to Share by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Best Health Care to Share

now it is time to belief

there is more between heaven and earth

than most of us really know

some kind of feeling well

if we ask for the right astrally medicine

It is Like a healing Information we can get mentally

it is like an antivirus medicine

given like a blessing

we will stay safe and healthy

If there is any corona virus warning again

remember your intuition and pansophy

it is no religion it is just a kind of knowing

I hope many men will overcome this situation

i pray to a higher spirit

wich is all-embracing like including every known mankind

Like connecting to the aura of earth and healing nature

we will find hope in ourselfs

feeling accepted in our person

if we got corona once and did overcome this infection

our body knows how to manage

and the second time we get in contact

there is the possibility to beware of getting ill again

because we get this antivirus update astrally suddenly when we ask for

To be respectful to every other kind of living

is the best way to find peace in myself

i take care and i wear the musk while going shopping

but however i like to keep as much

personally individualism and freedom as possible





In addition to the international version of this speech, you can also purchase the cover picture here in the store as a photo of the Healing Health Mandala by Ralf Christoph Kaiser, which goes well with this speech.


Thank you for your support!


Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser