Jupiter Nahaufnahme mit Satellite by TheBetimestory.online

Astro photos from Jupiter and the song Separating the Truth by kaiser-musix as free mp3 download

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Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser Musix, today I would like to present this music astro art video to you.
You see Jupiter in it through my telephoto lens. During the recording I played around a bit with the proximity and distance to Jupiter, which results in nice camera rides. Sometimes it looks like I'm going through several layers of Jupiter's atmosphere. You can see winds and light reflections and light grids. As if we were looking 20 billion years into the future to see what the earth would look like there. At the end of the video you can see several individual shots from Jupiter. I really enjoyed this recording session. In combination with the Electronica Song Separating the Truth, the result is an exciting film experience. The song Separating the Truth was produced by me in June 2017.

Here at http://www.Thebedtimestory.online you get a free mp3 of the electronica song and the original Astro photos.

At one point further in the video you can also see the four main modes around Jupiter;
The Galilean moons, also Galilean satellites or Galilean satellites, are the four largest satellites on the planet Jupiter:r:


They were discovered by Galieo Galilei around 1610:
please refer:

On the last picture in the film you can also see a smaller satellite around Jupiter as a dark spot in the picture. A total of 76 satellites around Jupiter have so far become known.

I wish you a good time and a lot of joy with this work!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser