Astro Aufnahmen von Jupiter an zwei Standorten Aufgenommen in Konstanz und in Lahr innerhalb von 2 bzw. 4 Tagen -

Astro recordings of Jupiter at two locations Recorded in Konstanz and Lahr within 2 and 4 days respectively

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Dear friends of astronomy and astro-photography from Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Tonight I want to give you some very interesting shots and enlargements including a proof video with phenomenal views of Jupiter.
I briefly describe what I observed here:
Many of its moons are clearly visible around Jupiter. I find it remarkable that these migrate very strongly and quickly within a few days between September 16th and 20th, i.e. within 4 days, and it is also visible that the inclination of the axis of the brightest and largest 3 main moons is at one Location further south in the direction of the equator, about 220 kilometers difference flattened sharply. The distance setting for the pictures from September 19 and 20 is exactly the same on my eyepieceiche)

In the enlargement of the picture 3640 of Konstanz with light cloud cover you can see the flatter inclination of the moon axis compared to picture 3919 from September 20th from Lahr. approx. 220 km aparter)

See also the cover picture of the publication.
How fast the moons seem to move within only 4 days at such huge distances can be seen in the difference image with 4 days later at the same location between the two recordings 3605 and 4 days later 2916)

You can see another special feature that surprised me a bit in the original video which was saved from September 16, 2020 and is included on September 17, 2020.
Here you can see a large picture of a dark celestial body that stands between earth and Jupiter and, when viewed from behind, appears dark in front of the shining Jupiter like a black spot that seems inexplicable to me because the celestial body moves depending on how I turn the eyepiece.
Anyone who can give me a suitable explanation for this video is welcome to reply to this email address:
Thank you!
I am giving you all of these astro recordings, but please give my name when you refer to them and point out that the download is over 1.38 GB.

Thanks for your support!
Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser