Astrofotography by Ralf Christoph Kaiser Deluxe Edition with many originals and edits in best quality with a total of 2GB of data as a download

Astrofotography by Ralf Christoph Kaiser Deluxe Edition with many originals and edits in best quality with a total of 2GB of data as a download

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Dear friends of astrophotography and the art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I would like to offer you this deluxe edition of my astrophotographic results this summer 2021. This includes the results of 10 busy nights on which I made observations. I examined and edited many of the original photos in Lightroom that same night. You will get the original and the edits in high resolution.
I think these works and data are interesting for other astrophotographers who want to compare their results and findings on a high level and also for observatories and astrophysicists who are interested in the following research results:
1. Detailed observations of the WEGA on two different nights with many enlargements and original shots and edits.
2. Milky Way, beautiful Milky Way observations in two nights with phenomenal edits.
3. Black Hole, a wormhole into another dimension. Original shot and edit in high resolution.
4. Full moon observations from 09/21/2021 with sensational original recordings
5. Jupiter observations with proof photo of other satellites (moons) of Jupiter from September 18, 2021 Original and edit in high resolution
6. The Swan an the Smarties, view towards the constellation Swan with surrounding area and Milky Way in bright colors, several originals and the edits in high resolution.
7. View in the direction of the big wagons and the surrounding area from 08/14/2021 Original and edit.
8. Blue Moon Shot with Ambiente original and edit from 08/24/2021.

If you are interested in wormholes and black holes, the whole package is worth the money for this original shot and edit alone.
I observed how this wormhole suddenly opened and appeared and was also recognizable in the photo as a black hole that led into another dimension from which I had escaped. Something like this has happened to me several times, mostly in the same recording or on the videos that I made on these occasions from time to time, UFOs can also be seen as unknown flying objects from the future, which are the wormhole and the entrance and exit control the dimensions. It's really science fiction in the here and now, what you get to see there sometimes. If you are more interested in other materials, videos and originals, please contact me.
Anyone interested in WEGA will find what they are looking for in this deluxe package with many beautiful details. It struck me that WEGA seems to be a planetary system of its own, with many satellites and planets moving around Vega. Observed from Earth, the Vega planetary system appears to be moving very quickly (approx. 120 times per second), it flickers in the image and the planets assume different positions. My assumption is that the WEGA is a future past of our current planetary system with the sun and the earth and all other planets that was extruted and shines back on earth from the future past. Like a reality string that was mastered in the past and extruted in the future and now shines back from the future past to the present earth and is still visible.
It seems to be similar with my observations of Jupiter. The solar system of our sun and earth and the planets is also shown here in an extruded version and shows a variant of the earth's past future that now shines back on earth from the past. I think these assertions of mine based on my several years of observations of the stars still have to prevail and also be proven by others who deal with the topic, but only now does astrophysics seem coherent and understandable to me.
I am happy if I can feed some other astrophotographers and astrophysicists here and encourage an exchange.
Thanks for your support!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser and the team


PS: If you want to use these works in your work, I would be happy, but please state my full name: "Ralf Christoph Kaiser" "on" in the recordings and text passages and in the credits. Thanks!