Beim Pferde Rennen Kurzgeschichte und Song by Ralf Christoph Kaiser internationale Fassung -

At the horse race short story and song by Ralf Christoph Kaiser international version

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Dear friends of, Today I want to share with you a short story I wrote a few weeks ago.

It is a short love story that takes place at a horse race: "At the horse race" is the name of this story. You get this short story here in the international version and also a new song with the same name as the story and a small short radio play.

I had the idea that the story would take place around 1840 or earlier, when there were still principalities in Germany. The main characters are the prince and his Contessa and the boy or coachman.

I hope you enjoy this little bedtime story and the song that goes with it.

Here the text:


At the horse race

Short story by Ralf Christoph Kaiser / April 22, 2021

You are the Contessa of the prince on horseback. We're standing at the racecourse and you're watching, with sun hats and binoculars and white lace gloves. Your handbag falls down and I, the boy, carefully pick it up. Later I get some confectionary and bring it on a silver tray with a cup of mocha. You spread your fingers as you lift the cup, take a sip and grin at me. A look is worth 1000 words - you give me a large tip and I'll kiss your hand. You accept and afterwards throw your hair back with your hand. You pull erotically along a strand of hair to the tip and then look startled at the track, because the horses are thundering by.

Her husband is wild about winning and jeers at the jockey, shouting at him, the slip of paper with his number firmly in his hand. He bet 1000 guilders on the one and wants to win. You look a little bored and ask again to nibble on the confection. I'm clumsy and the tray tips over. Some of the coffee spills over the hem of your dress and you jump up screaming. You want to smack me, but I dodge and run away through the crowd. Nobody else noticed what happened because everyone was staring at the horses. It's also a bit dusty and you leave the train to look for the toilet.

We meet behind the front door to the counter. Nobody else is there because everyone is standing outside at the track. You startle briefly as I step towards you, but then take me aside and we kiss wildly and stormily. I'm blushing and my cap is slipping. As footsteps sound on the floor, you run past me as if nothing had happened and disappear into the women's toilet. I adjust my cap and disappear to buy an evening paper for the gentleman. He barks at me while he puffs on his cigar and puts 5 guilders in my hand. I make a little bow and go to prepare the carriage for departure. Suddenly there is great screeching and shouting because the one is winning the race. The gentleman insists on picking up his prize himself at the checkout. The bills are counted out in piles and he takes them calmly and hides them in an inside pocket of his jacket. He is obviously in a good mood and the three of us leave in the carriage. Me on the coach box and she and he in the back with a free seat and an open top. As we drive past, the mayor waves to us and the crowd standing in front of the wooden grandstand with an extension prepares to disperse.

The Herald continues to call out his special for the night as we thunder away. There's a bit of dust as the two horses rear up and gallop away with the three of us in tow.

I will forever remember that afternoon on a Saturday in May.





Thanks for your support and sleep well!

Ralf Christoph Kaiser for