Auf der Ranch in Idaho Kurzgeschichte by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in internationaler Fassung inklusive new Audiodrama zur Geschichte als loosless wav Datei -

On the ranch in Idaho short story by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in an international version including a new audio drama on the story as a loosless wav file

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Dear friends of and the art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I would like to present you a new short story: "On the ranch in Idaho." It is a fictional story set in the state of Idaho on a ranch near Richfield.

In addition to this short story, which is available here in an international version, you will also receive a song in the form of an audio drama, which sets the story to music and sounds.

I hope you enjoy this work and thank you for your support.

Your team


Here the story:


At the ranch in Idaho

Short story by Ralf Christoph Kaiser / 05/19/2021

My husband is often on tour

I take care of myself and the animals

Four cats, two horses and a dog

It's hot in summer

There was a heat thunderstorm

everything still smells fresh and damp

Actually, I wanted to go into town today and do some shopping

But I canceled it at short notice because of the weather

Instead, I cooked something delicious.

It's also possible to do something good for yourself.

To improve the mood

I'll open another Prosecco.

Then I sat on the porch and smoked one with loud music coming from the kitchen.

Someone seems to be sneaking around the driveway further out.

At first I thought it was a wild animal

But then I recognize the guy

from the suburbs that I've crossed my way before.

Somehow it's spooky

Always has a beard and dirty shoes too.

I get a queasy feeling

get the rifle from the lumber room,

step outside and call:

go away !“

This guy looks in my direction but doesn't make a move to leave.

I don't hesitate and fire two cartridges into the air with the double barrel.

It bangs properly and it smokes from the barrel.

Finally this guy seems to realize he's in the wrong place.

I see him hurry down the driveway to his car, which must be parked around the corner somewhere.

tires squeak and dust whirls up,

then there is peace.

The two horses snort and whinny with delight as I approach them and them

throw oats down the drain.

It's good that there's someone who likes me now.

I stroke her neck, pat her flank and say:

That just went well.

The cat stands at the entrance of the barn and meows,

while hunching and stroking around the beam.

That's right

almost the whole family is back.🥰

I see the sunset over the hilltop from the skylight,

far to the west.

Fantastically beautiful colors ...

When will he be coming home from his tour?

I miss my husband a bit.

He said he'll be back in a week.

It's been 2 days now.

There must have been some trouble at the border again.

That would be nothing new.

Whenever he gets checked at customs with his extraordinary goods, they hold his truck until everything is registered and declared.

If he doesn't roll by tomorrow, I'll call his mother.

She lives very close to the border. He must have stayed there.

I close the skylight and decide

to watch another movie in bed.

It's a love romance starring Jonny Depp

and Julie Delphi.

One of those films that you can watch more often when you're longing.

Later I fall asleep directly without taking the detour to the bathroom.

I am grateful for the day -

and also a bit proud to have everything under control here.