Zu Tisch mit Al Capone Kurzgeschichte by Ralf Christoph Kaiser dazu gibt es hier im Store das Audiodrama in HD Sound und Coverfoto - thebedtimestory.online

At the table with Al Capone's short story by Ralf Christoph Kaiser, there is the audio drama in HD sound and cover photo here in the store

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Dear friends of the Blood Moon 2021 and the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I would like to introduce you to something new here at TheBedtimestory.online: At the table with Al Capone, a short story with audio drama in HD sound by Ralf Christoph Kaiser.

Imagine Chicago circa 1928. The underworld is controlled by Al Capone. It's late in the evening and we meet in the"Green Mill"a hip nightclub in Chicago Uptown where the unofficial owner, Al Capone, is himself. It's hot, but read for yourself:


At dinner with Al Capone

Short story by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 05/25/2021

I'm the young fellow who hands old Al Capone the wine and the ashtray; the consultant and beau in one.

Today he was again at the table in the Green Mill.

Big and round his eyes.

He marvels at the preparation of the fish.

While praising the kitchen, he only eats two bites and then leaves the plate.

The wine tastes good and there is a cigar on the balcony.

The sun is shining, the mood is rising.

Our brisk bee puts on party music and suddenly the puppets are dancing.

It's fun and touching at the same time.

It makes you want to cry and laugh at the same time.

It's like Greta Garbo singing live on stage and the two of us grabbing whatever we can get our hands on from the easy ladies.

The party starts like there's no tomorrow.

We're going in.

Subdued light in all colors.

Al Capone allows himself to be carried away with a few compliments.

But later, in my greatest desire and fervor, I suddenly destroy the best scene when I conduct the orchestra with a wrong statement.

Suddenly time seems to run backwards

and everyone looks spellbound at the door.

police invade. Shots are fired.

We're going out the back door.

Escape in the next best vehicle from our fleet.

Off home.

The kitchen is done. The hall aired.

Now everyone hangs out for themselves and reviews the events in front of their inner eyes.




In addition to the international version of the short story, you can get the audio drama for this story in HD quality and as an mp3 here in the store. Also included is the Blood Moon from May 26th, 2021 and the cover of the story.


Thank you for your support!


sweet dreams

Your TheBedtimestry.online team

and Ralf Christoph Kaiser