Audiodrama:"Be part of the Story"by Ralf Christoph Kaiser free mp3 download and high resolution wav file

Audiodrama:"Be part of the Story"by Ralf Christoph Kaiser free mp3 download and high resolution wav file

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Dear friends of art and music by Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today you get the new audio drama:"Be Part of the Story" here as a free mp3 download and the High Resolution Wav file is available for 0.99 cents.

The audio drama is invigorating and activating and also a bit longing towards the end. The part with the vocals is a bit of a homage to Portishead with the CD Dummy from 1994. I always like to think back to this phase of my life, because that was when the course was set that turned a simple couple relationship into a marriage between the two produced children and physically enabled many years of happiness together.

In my student flat we listened to Portishead and drew pictures on each other's backs while lying naked in bed. That was kind of magical. It was like "getting acquainted" and "making love" physically even without sex.

Since I've been living alone for so long now, I remember this time again. Back when it all began.

Sometimes you would like to either turn back time or start all over again. Maybe with a second spring Now from the middle of life out of the Mid Life Crisis into a new phase of arrival and so God also wants a phase of "come to the fore" with "honours" of the life's work, which has spread over the last 21 built up and had realized over the years..

I think at some point it's always time for something to come back from the years of investment in art and in various projects and works, something that gives you courage, confirms you and says: "It's good that you've done it all ' and 'It is time for you to reap your rewards.'

I think a smooth transition from the old ties to a new togetherness would be helpful.

Continuing the company, maintaining the team, but now adding new companions who, at the right moment, will help ensure that there will still be a happy ending with a continuation of what has already been created and passed in recent years.

Actually, the year 2022 with the many twos seems suitable to go back into a new couple relationship and to dare hope with each other again.

Let's take a chance... and if you understand me and can imagine a further path together, then please get in touch!

Many greetings