Komplette 5. Staffel mit natur Fotografie, Astrofotografie, Naturfilm und Musik von Ralf Christoph Kaiser on TheBedtimestory.online mit bislang unveröffentlichtem Bonusmaterial "Golden Arktur" - thebedtimestory.online

Complete 5th season with nature photography, astrophotography, nature film and music by Ralf Christoph Kaiser on TheBedtimestory.online with unpublished bonus material"Golden Arktur"

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Dear friends of TheBedtimestory.online and the works and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today there is something very special. I publish the complete 5th season with the works 31-40 with the high-resolution nature photographs and nature film videos including music.

The following works are included:

- The daisy with a visit to two high-resolution photos with insects on the flower
- Hope for renewed love photos and music
- The homecoming a music video with classical music in A minor
- What a wonderful night "classical piece in H-Major and full moon photos from 07/05/20200
- O Holde Heimat classical orchestral piece in G major in combination with the nature film at the pond, free mp3 and 2 high-resolution photos
- The Bach calls, classical orchestral piece in E minor free mp3 and music video suitable for mobile phones
- Sheep in luck music video with classical music
- The water runners have fun, love me tender I am your man by Ralf Christoph Kaiser free mp3 download and music video and 2 high resolution photos of the water runners
- Nature film with original sound: "Black Forrest at its Best" by Ralf Christoph Kaiser mobile version for free download
- Three times me in the long exposure night shot and free mp3 stake holder value by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

As an extra and only included in this overall package, there are now particularly beautiful astro images Arktur from 07/24/2020.
In comparison to the photos from season 4 with the photos of Arktur from June 23, 2020, you can see some differences.

In the newer picture there were light clouds and a haze in the atmosphere of the earth, but the arctic was very bright and clear to see and surprisingly the color is this time instead of gray blue, golden blue shining. I find that very astonishing as if the whole star radiated very bright golden light. Interestingly, in the cover shot of this 5th season, you can also see a sketchy structure and architecture on the Stern Arktus. With an inaccuracy in the optics and a digital image noise, such a structure that is so clearly recognizable is anything but refutable. In order to create such intelligent structures, higher intelligence is required. You can marvel at intergalactic space architecture here. Individual triangles can be seen, which partly combine to form ocahedra or 5 corners. It is really spectacular that we can now get such magical and interesting shots from Earth.
So I think it is very likely that Arctic is animated by higher intelligent beings. This star is likely to have an atmosphere because the edge appears so bluish. In some science fiction novels, Arcture is described as the administrative level of humanity on Earth. After these insights from my astrophotography, it seems to me that this is very likely already provable. The change compared to the video from June 23, 2020, contained in the fourth season, suggests that on June 23, 2020 earth time, the construction phase became visible. You can see in the video from there that there are storms on the planet and many flying objects that buzz back and forth all the time. Now in the picture from 07/24/2020 Earth time you can see the finished buildings and the finished architecture on Arctic in a vague hint. In addition, the star now shines in golden light.
If you are interested in the recordings, please download the packages of season 5 and season 4 from me.

Thank you for your support!

I wish you a blessed good night!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser