Komplette 7. Staffel mit 17 gesammelten Veröffentlichungen mit über 1,5 Stunden Musik, internationalen Gedichten und Lyrics Fotos und Rezepten - thebedtimestory.online

Complete 7th season with 17 collected publications with over 1.5 hours of music, international poems and lyrics, photos and recipes

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Dear friends of music and art by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and TheBedtimestory.online, today you get the complete 7th season with 17 collected publications including over 1 hour of music, poems and lyrics in an international version, Astro photos and 2 recipes as a complete download Fan package for 6.33 euros. The zip archive you get has a file size of 2.2 GB. The following works are included:

1. Apple cinnamon dessert recipe
2nd poem - "I squeeze you very gently"
3rd poem - "An hour of happiness"
4th poem - "Love is"
5. I only miss a little something - alternative rock song by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and band
6. I revealed myself Alternative Rck Song in HD sound
7. Jupiter Photos - Astro Photography by Ralf Christoph Kaiser
8th classic album - Die Unke im Pfuhl with 26 individual works and versions as mp3
9. Astro photo long exposure new theory about the orbit by Ralf Christoph Kaiser
10. Love my Lucky Finger Alternative Rock Song HD Sound and Lyrics
11. Restarting now, I got the know how alternative rock song
12. Pathfinder, Alternative Rock Song by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and band
13. Poem - The moon is reflected in the puddle
14. Salt and Pepper, Alternative Rock Song by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in HD sound
15. Sweet an Sour Alternative Rock Song by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and band including a dessert recipe in an international version
16. Further Evidence of the Celestial Bodies that Fox Relate to Earth - Astro Photos and Theory
17th poem - pull me up on you

There are extraordinary works that you get here. In addition to the poems and alternative rock songs in HD and with international lyrics, you will also get the new theory about the orbit from me with proof photos and suggestions and food for thought, also in an international version.
So I think several fans will get their money's worth: The astro photography community with the orbit theory and the Jupiter recordings, the music fans with the alternative rock songs and lyrics, sometimes even in HD, and the friends of poetry and classical music.
You support by downloading further publications of this kind from me in the future and contribute to the maintenance of this website.

I thank you!

Best regards
Ralf Christoph Kaiser