Liebe Freunde von heute Nacht möchte ich euch das Rezept schenken: "Gebratener Zimt Apfel" als free pdf Download -

Dear friends of, tonight I would like to give you the recipe:"Fried cinnamon apple"as a free pdf download

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Dear friends of, tonight I would like to give you a recipe as a free PDF download of the dessert: "Fried cinnamon apple".

I had made this dessert recently and think it goes well with the "harvest thanks time" because there are now many almost freshly harvested apples that are well suited to making a dessert out of them.

You get the recipe in the international version in English, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian and German.

Sometimes, and especially when it gets a bit cooler outside, such a warm dessert makes you feel more forgiving about yourself and the world.

I hope I can make you happy with this PDF.

I am very grateful for all the gifts of nature that I am currently enjoying.


Good night to you and sweet dreams

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser


PS: I think that even if you live alone, you can be happy and make yourself happy with a delicious dessert.


Here is the recipe:


Fried cinnamon apple

Recipe for 1 people


Peel an apple and cut it into slices. Cut out the core and fry the slices and fillet pieces in the pan with butter.

Add a little cane sugar and let it caramelize.

Then after a while, when the apple pieces become softer, deglaze with cognac.

Now arrange the apple slices and fillet pieces on a plate and pour the sauce over them.

Splot some plain yogurt on the apple slices and pour some Weleda sea buckthorn juice over it. Sprinkle some coconut crumble over the top and the dessert is ready.

Serve with a glass of still water.