Der Sohn vom Bäcker Kurzgeschichte und Klassik Song mit Trompete by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in HD Sound -

The son of the baker short story and classic song with trumpet by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in HD sound

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Dear friends of and the art and music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, Today I would like to provide you with a short story: "The Baker's Son". You get the short story in an international version and there is also a classic song with the same topic here in the store. He plays with trumpet and strings. The song has become a bit of a melodrama, but the trumpet keeps playing itself free and cheers on the top. There is a kind of trakik-comic undertone to the piece, but a bright and joyous response through the trumpet's melodies, as if the trumpet were riding the waves and surfing towards the beach.

You get the song in HD sound quality and an mp3 for your cell phone.

Included in the download package is the international version of the short story as a PDF and a cover photo.

Thank you for your support!

Here you can read the short story in advance for free:


The baker's son

Becker's son is a bit chubby and cheeky.

He regularly snacks in the bakery and confectionery and feels like the king of cakes.

His parents run a café next to the pastry shop.

All the people from the village meet there regularly to gossip and gossip.

The terrace is at the back towards the stream and that's where the children always play.

The baker's son Jens always knows all the hiding places and places there and sometimes boasts about it.

Sometimes he goes after the teacher's daughter.

She's slim and pretty as a picture, but wears glasses and is always a bit snooty and super smart.

Her name is Vera and she always lets Jens run up. Sometimes she rejects him, sometimes she gets angry and puts him in his place.

She has her eye on the mayor's handsome august son. Tim is a boy prodigy, handsome and athletic, and also gets good grades at school. He's a bit of a braggart, though, and always brags about anything he finds to brag about.

Most people adore him, but Vera, who has also fallen madly in love with him, can't get close to him. Once he had hurt her because she thought she knew something better than he did. He then named her spectacled snake.

That hurt and didn't fit the image she had of him at all.

Jens' hour struck.

He had heard the insult and was immediately there to comfort.

Her parents were sitting in the café and he and she took advantage of the moment and hid in the bushes.

Vera actually thought being fat was stupid and hideous, but today, when she herself had suffered such a great humiliation, she didn't care. She screamed inwardly for love and threw herself into Jens' arms. According to the motto: Take it now, when I'm in the mood. Who knows what might come up later.ommt.“

Jens was often a little slow on the uptake, but in this matter he was quick as a weasel.

He pulls Vera into his secret hiding place, carefully removes her glasses and kisses as much as possible.

This kiss tasted long-lasting and juicy and like a fresh cherry blossom.

Now it was paying off for trying so hard to court her.

Vera turned off her mind and suddenly loved twice over.


When the parents call for them, she quickly pulls up her skirt again, gropes for her bill and skillfully adjusts it.

Jens blushes a little and stammers something about you're the best..“

Then they storm out of hiding and pretend nothing happened.


Where have you been for so long? asks Mr. Papa, the teacher.

Vera replies: We were down by the river..“

And we're fine..“

Jens nods his head wildly to confirm.

Then everyone goes into the house.