Fee your Mind Orchestral Work in a-Moll by Ralf Christoph Kaiser als free mp3 Download by TheBedtimestory.online - thebedtimestory.online

Fee your Mind Orchestral Work in A minor by Ralf Christoph Kaiser as free mp3 download by TheBedtimestory.online

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Hello dear friends of music and art by Ralf Christoph Kaiser, I would like to present you a special video today: "Fee your Mind" is the surround sound song in the background. I composed this song on May 18th, 2018. The song is very dramatic and has a lot of ups and downs.
The video you see now goes online during the night and fits perfectly with this music.

You can see a real picture of the moon from a few days ago on April 27th at around midnight. I was lucky enough to see the moon through the thick clouds for a few seconds while I was filming. A spectacular spectacle between light and darkness occurred. Since it was very windy, many of the clouds passed quickly in front of the moon and only partially covered it. It was like a tug of war to and fro. From time to time the crescent moon disappears and the picture turns deep black night, but suddenly the light returns. It flashes through and takes up more space like an eternal game of powers back and forth. I gave everything when recording and am very pleased with this rarely good material. Everything was really exactly the same, I only slowed down the speed of the video a little afterwards so that the effect came out better and the timing of the song was better. The same video comes back from the middle of the song, only played backwards. This makes it look as if the moon is coming back in two major stages. I found this end urgently needed, because in the end the light should always be there, no matter if the time has to go backwards, otherwise it would definitely be too hopeless and dark for me. Even so, it is violent enough. As soon as you get used to the slow pace of the film and listen to the music, you get goose bumps. Check it out and enjoy the trick with the time in the movie ...

At http://www.RalfChristophKaiser.com you can get the song in surround sound and stereo including the full Score Full Score Full Orchestra Leadsheet and Parts.

It plays a piano, broad strings, cello 1-4 and brass, woodwinds and percussionists.

Thanks for your support
Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser