free sharing klick mich ecard und free song: "wieder am meer" dazu hier im store die lyrics und das wallpaper in der internationalen version -

free sharing click me ecard and free song:"again at the sea"plus the lyrics and the wallpaper in the international version here in the store

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Dear friends of, today I want to introduce you to the new onefree sharing click me ecard introduce: "again at the sea" included is a free song download. Here in the store you can find the international version of the lyrics and the wallpaper with the seagull as the background for your mobile phone.

Here is the poem "back by the sea":


Back at the sea by Ralf Christoph Kaiser October 17th, 2020

Again at the sea

I need more of you

Here you go

I am sitting on the bench

Listen to the wind and the boats

It is forbidden to ask too much

Simply enjoy

The anglers hold their rods

You're the good guys here

There is silence, calm

And cool air

The reeds sway in the wind

I am happy like a child

O la la I was there again for a short time

Mercie Bocu


And orevoire

In a few French words

Let's make love in this place

Delicate words delicious cake🎂



Thank you for your support!


Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser