Forever Now - short story by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and the electronica song:"Tief in dir"as HD version and mp3 now on

Forever Now - short story by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and the electronica song:"Tief in dir"as HD version and mp3 now on

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Dear friends of, today I would like to present you a new short story: "Forever Now" by Ralf Christoph Kaiser. There is also an electronica song called: "Tief in dir" in cooperation with kaiser-musix.

You get the song in HD quality and as mp3 and the short story as PDF in multiple languages.

Have fun with it!

And thanks for your support!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser and the team from together with kaiser-musix




- Forever now -

I sit on the bench on the Rhine and read the time.

Time seems to stand still and suddenly everything is in the moment.

I look up and see you: tall and with a beautiful face, half-length hair and breasts that bob slightly when walking. Your buttocks are stable, it could produce 4-6 children and I'm aroused. You come towards me, along the way. We laugh at each other and I greet you. You answer while yelling something to your little dog and pulling on the leash so that it doesn't jump at me.

I'm embarrassed, I don't know enough French words for a conversation, but I call le ptit and mean the dog. You correct me and say the name of the dog and whisper: please keep reading the newspaper, I am the one who was ready to hold your handten“

I am completely perplexed and erotic, avert my gaze from her and read on. You continue the walk with your dog but stop 10 steps further back and look back. We smile at each other again and there is so much longing in me that tries to make room for itself.

Suddenly the newspaper is completely uninteresting because life is calling; I would love to run towards you again and take you in my arms and ask you to come to my house.

Instead, I run back to my car. I didn't dare to make more of it again. On the way I pass your Peugeot. You left the window a slit open. I can see sleeping clothes in the back seat and the dog basket on top.

I would love to offer you that you can stay with me and throw my business card in your driver's seat.

On the way home, everything in my head revolves around you; I'm kind of angry with myself for putting out so few sentences and giving up so quickly.

At the same time I feel your presence with me and smell your scent:

More beautiful than a thousand tomorrow - flowery and sweet“

At home I go through all the rooms as if I wanted to show you what belongs to me.

I would love to have sex with you right away, right now in bed with me.

I make myself an iced coffee and sit down

me in my imagination on the balcony to you.

Your love beguiles me and we kiss as hard as we can.

At the same time, I have the quiet hope that you will find your way to me physically.

In my mind I try to understand how you will find your way without a GPS and without a mobile phone.

But lo and behold, the doorbell rings and I open it for you.

No further questions are required, please come in and we'll hug each other in the apartment.

Suddenly everything happens very quickly.

We undress and end up in bed with me.

Who would have thought that fleeting fantasy would become physical reality so quickly ...

You get your things out of the car while I cook for us…

Over a bottle of wine we talk the whole evening and tell each other about our dreams and our days gone by and a time that seems so long ago.

I'll show you photos of my family and you will hear

I'm interested in.

We speak in German and in English.

Sometimes you also speak to me in French and I still seem to understand everything as I did when I was a child, when there were no language barriers and only fun, life and love counted.

You say you stay as long as our love carries us and I am proud to be physically accepted in love again.

From now on, the right moment is always present. I am all there.

We take time for each other

and to experience something together.

- Forever now -