Ich drück dich ganz zart ein Gedicht von Ralf Christoph Kaiser auf Thebedtimestory.online in der internationalen Version - thebedtimestory.online

I will press you very gently a poem by Ralf Christoph Kaiser on Thebedtimestory.online in the international version

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Dear friends of the poems and poetry of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, tonight I am publishing the poem: "I squeeze you very gently". It fits in perfectly with the current present, although it was a little longer since I wrote it.
Today was a very nice day. I was musically active and had a jam session with my brother. We jammed together as Kaiser Brothers. A few new songs were created. You will soon hear the best of them here too. I will partly edit the material in the studio and then it should mature like a good wine ...
Today you get a free download of the poem: "I squeeze you very tenderly" translated into French, English, Spanish, Italian and Russian ...
Have fun with it and have a good night!
Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser


I hug you very gently by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

I squeeze you very gently

You are more interesting to me than the television set

I send you lovely words

From this distant place

I know that's good for both of us

And I forgive myself for my embers

That burns inside me

I know it's not easy

With such an almost old man

Because my beard is now partially white

But your love awakens the spirits in me

And I want you on and on

I really appreciate it

that you often start chatting with me

You're kind of the best muse

Thank god I love you from head to toe

I give myself what I need

and hope you do too

The great healing happens at the festival

When everyone wants the best

The Christmas season is getting closer

and I send my scouts

To do one or the other greeting card business

So that we can cope with the next few months

The company is important to me

Therefore everything else is sometimes futile

The main thing is that we get ahead

And I can tell myself I've done everything necessary

So that we can continue to flourish in the future

And lovingly serve the food again

I like you very much,

so there is now another dessert;)

Sweet smells

when the eagle soars in the air