Ich sitze im Kaffee. Draußen regnet es. Kurzgeschichte und neuer Song by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in real HD Sound on TheBedtimestory.online - thebedtimestory.online

I'm sitting in the coffee. It's raining outside. Short story and new song by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in real HD sound on TheBedtimestory.online

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Dear friends of music and art by Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today you get the new short story here: "I'm sitting in the coffee. It's raining outside." The story takes place somewhere by the sea on a rainy summer day.

The song fits the story and plays like a short radio play and celebrates this idea. The song uses beautiful soundtracks, including the pounding rain on the window that I recorded myself.

The trumpet in the song plays like a red thread through the entire story and accompanies the listener.

The short story and the song could both be templates for a full-length romance novel. As is well known, most things always take place in the head in one's own imagination. So also here with this work. Get inspired and enjoy the song:

In the download package you get the song in HD quality and as mp3 and the story in an international version as a PDF document.

Here is the short story:

I'm sitting in the coffee. It's raining outside.

Short story by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 05/10/2021

I'm sitting in the coffee. It's raining outside; A young woman is sitting next to me at the table, sipping her tea as she reads.

She wears a sun hat even though it's raining.

suits her She is pretty.

Once she looks over at me, but avoids my eyes.

I sip my latte macchiato with a lump of sugar and grin at her.

I have my cell phone on the table and keep typing in a few lines.

It becomes a poem, a romantic one.

At some point I dare and speak to her.

What a weather today, it's just the place to be right now!“

She slowly raises her head and replies in a friendly manner:

I actually wanted to go on a boat tour today, but with the weather I'm staying here.“

I am interested in asking: what kind of boat tour, if I may askf?“

Oh, nothing special, I just wanted to take the fishing boat out to the island, that's supposed to be pretty nice.“

Me: Yes, that's right, I've heard about that too: Are you alone here?r?“

Her: Yes, it seems, I broke up with my boyfriend before the summer and still wanted to spend a little vacation by the sea..“

What about you, what are you doing here?“

Me: It's one of my favorite places here. I'm here for several weeks almost every summer and I write and compose music..“

You: You write What are you writing, if I may ask?rf?“

I:Oh,nothing special,just little short stories and poems that I later publish internationally on the internet„TheBedtimestory.online.

You: You are TheBedtimestory.online? Im Ernst I know almost every publicationg,I'm sort of a fan of it.“

Me: I'm glad to hear that! It's no longer a secret, you're in my latest poem from just now!!“

She seems embarrassed and throws her hair back: I thought so, you write down real experiences. Can I seen?“

Me: With pleasure, I will send it to you via WhatsApp, tell me your numberr?“

She thinks for a moment, but then says clearly: Ok, why not? She slowly reads out her number and then repeats it again at the end.al.

I grin to myself, type the number into my cell phone and click WhatsApp.

Her phone vibrates and she looks at it. Suddenly she grins and blushes slightly: You charmer, you couldn't have wrapped me better around your finger..“

But honestly, what do you want from me??“

I reply: A romantic adventure or something. I pause. Tell me what's possibleich?“

She thinks for a moment and then whispers with her hand in front of her: Let's get out of here, that's too obvious..“

Me: You're welcome, come with me. I live two houses away in a house with a pool and terrace.e.“

She: You mean I'm safe with you - she pauses for a moment and then says mischievously I accept the invitation, but only until tonight, then we'll see. I still have to go to the toilet. Pay for me mit?“

Me: Of course I'd love to, take your time, the landlord here always takes a little longer..“

She takes her handbag and disappears towards the toilet.

I wave to the innkeeper and finish the last lines of the poem: The fish has bitten, now it depends on how it is prepared. I want to know today. This woman has style I would like to kiss her..“

I pay and we leave the bar together.

I hold the door open for her and she smiles boldly.




Thank you for your support!

Your Thebedtimestory.online team

and Ralf Christoph Kaiser