Kasperle Folge 6: "Die Böse Hexe und der Höllenhund" Hörspiel ab 12 Jahre auf thebedtimestory.online als gratis Downlaod - thebedtimestory.online

Punch episode 6: "The evil witch and the hell dog" radio play from 12 years on thebedtimestory.online as a free download

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Dear friends of the Kasperle Theater and TheBedtimeStory.online. here comes the controversial episode 6 with the evil witch and the hellhound. This episode is very terrible and, like many fairy tales, horrible, but these two characters are clearly part of the full-page Kasperle Theater, where there is good and bad. If it were up to me, I would also like feature films in which there is only the good, but when I look at the current block booster previews from the cinema (which is usually enough for me in terms of cruelty), the evil seems to be booming at the moment. So this comedy and joke series should not be missing here either. Perhaps the exaggerated presentation helps to cope with it a little better, because the oversubscription will certainly trigger a controversy, which in turn will create awareness and maybe help to deal with it analytically and enlightened. When I watched the hellhound theaser video again today, I had to remember that the hellhound could actually be the corona virus in a modern interpretation. The evil witch may have the intention to limit the overpopulation on earth through the hell dog or does it want to bring about other important social changes? I think everyone finds their own interpretation but one thing is certain. Through the witch's attempt to prevent the Kasperl and his mentor the magician, she especially produced these two. Your requirement that the Kasperl should never be makes it quasi permanent. Some may suspect a secret duo here? Probably not out of lust and fuss, with these cruel consequences, but a coexistence like light and shadow in the duality and the goose side probably belong together. Hence surely also unconsciously the secret joy of these apparently so "bad" characters. Or not? Maybe mutual respectful acceptance? I mean, for example, does anyone know of a huge celebrity who can do without drugs? Sometimes I think, thank God, there are also legal drugs, but oh hell you don't talk about it, least of all how many billions of taxes the state earns from tobacco and alcohol ... according to statistics that have not been checked from the Internet, they were In 2017, for the German state alone, about 14 billion tobacco tax revenues from tobacco alone. As of 2017, Germany had approx. 82.75 million inhabitants, which would be approx. 14 euros per month per inhabitant. What about alcohol? Accumulated in 2017, there were approximately 3.13 billion tax receipts from alcoholic beverages, which is another: 3.1 euros per month per German citizen.I believe that when you start there, you don't want to know certain things.
Drug deaths due to illegal drug use were around 1272 in Germany in 2017. At least 758 fewer than in 2000. At that time, around 1,176 people died of the flu in Germany in 2017, roughly the same number as from illegal drugs. Approximately 9241 people died of suicide in Germany in 2017. Compared to 2000, the number of suicides was 1,824 fewer. Compared to 1980 with 18451 suicides in Germany, this value has even decreased by approximately 50%. So I have to say, I am very happy about this decline ;-) Maybe a lot will change for the better?
Now I'm going to stop and wish you a lot of fun with the Kasperle Episode 6: "The Bad Witch and the Hellhound"
Thanks for your support!
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