live lyrics from January 28th, 2023 by Ralf Christoph Kaiser HD Wav Download 24 bit 96 Khz with several PDF files of the poems in international versions in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Swedish and Chinese

live lyrics from January 28th, 2023 by Ralf Christoph Kaiser HD Wav Download 24 bit 96 Khz with several PDF files of the poems in international versions in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Swedish and Chinese

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Dear friends of art and music and the poems of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, you will now receive the live lyrics from January 28th, 2023 with love poems from me as a loosless wav format in HD Sound 24 bit 96 Khz including some of the poems in text form as a PDF.Only the first spoken poem: "I will be your hero" is available separately here in the store.

I am reprinting all the poems here except for the first one:

My hope is vertical by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 01/26/2023

My hope is vertical

enjoys good friends

support from family

Respectful handling

delicious food

autonomy and free will

Bring joy in health

and the feeling of freedom

Freedom in spirit and freedom in being.

I consent to my future

Better at home today


My heart is bursting with pain by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 01/25/2023

My heart bursts with pain.

I confessed my secrets to you.

Both are good and very loved by me.

One a long time ago, the other recently.

Now there seems to be a quarrel inside me.

Who do I belong to more?

I'm mine and my love is yours both.

In one case it is like a long-standing friendship with a beloved sister.

Otherwise you could be my daughter.

Please both understand each other and make peace.

I missed a meeting with my physical daughter today

instead sought a substitute in the astral true love contacts

I got bogged down in the process

begged too much from several.

Deepest secrets revealed

Now my heart suffers from loss and pain.

please stop

Poke less of the swords into my heart.

I will be with you again

As long as I keep my license

Shine on you crazy diamond

You're both stars

and as a star, a woman has to share his love among many

I always thought that was the secret

Belonging to several

not just one

but why does it hurt so much?

It's just different experiences that connect you

different times of commonality

I'm eight again and I'm tenderly careful


Lying there in bed after sex by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 01/10/2023

After sex still lying there in bed

Feel yourself and his and your body

Snuggle on the pillow


and feel…

then in the shower

The water touches my body and caresses me

It's warm and soothing

The scent of the shampoo brightens my spirit

I go ashore refreshed and kissed awake

dress me

still smell your and my scent in the room

I am one with myself and content in the world

Now make something to eat

A royal meal

as for kings

who reward themselves at home after the battle

Now peace is everywhere

a happy night falls

Thanks in being…


I love your fragrance by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 01/10/2023

i love your scent

You smell so honest and beautiful

Like a beautiful flower

Such a beautiful home

Like familiar morning dew

At sunrise at the lake on the terrace

With flowers on the table and you in a wedding dress in white😂



The suitcases are packed by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 09.01.2023

The suitcases are packed

ready to take off

But the heart wants to go too

now farewell forever

Are you still very smart??



The day is coming to an end by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 01/07/2023


The day is coming to an end

It was late when I got up

And now it's late as I rest

In between, thank God, the sun shone a bit

a laugh and a few kind words

a hug and a greeting

I really shouldn't expect more from a single day.

We shut up and shuffle the cards again

I still long for my garden…



it is how it is by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 07.01.2023

it is like it is

I would like to

but it doesn't work

why so complicated?



Thank you my love, by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 07.01.2023

Thank you my dear,

It's always nice when I get something to eat

Today was a lot more than usual

I could scream with happiness that it came to this today

and cry that it's already over

look you in the eye

hug you

Talk to you

Give everything afterwards

I love the live

If only there was something more normal

and love would also be physically possible for two

then we would all have fewer problems

at least in the future

But hoping alone is not enough

and sometimes I prefer to keep my mouth shut

and keep whatever works for me

so that at least that continues.

but I have to say

Mashed potatoes with meatballs

and roast gravy

with bacon beans

and then carrot juice

that's delicious…


A cool wind is blowing by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 01/02/2023

Cool wind blows

The sun is low

Good view of the Alps

The lake ripples

The mountains glow in the evening sun

I'm happy about


feel the air

And the cold

Inside warm

In joyful anticipation

An acrobat with the flying drone

A glowing toy

Two friends with a dog in the evening





Thank you for your support!

Best regards