Liebesgedicht von Ralf Christoph Kaiser aus dem Band 2, Gedichte der Liebe: "Eine Stunde des Glücks" internationale Fassung -

Love poem by Ralf Christoph Kaiser from Volume 2, Poems of Love:"An hour of happiness"international version

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Dear friends of art and poetry by Ralf Christoph Kaiser, tonight I would like to publish a poem from the 2nd volume "Poems of Love" by myself.

The poem is called: "An Hour of Happiness". I wrote this poetry on August 2nd, 2018 while I was sitting on a bench in the countryside after work and watching the farmers picking plums.

The attraction of republishing this poem here at today is for me that in this case it will also be available in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian from tonight.

If you are interested in other poems of this kind, you can order my poetry volumes on Amazon. There are now the following three volumes of poetry by me:


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The books of poetry are paperback in A4 format so that the colored illustrations come out better and are delivered with glossy print on demand.

Here you now get one of the poems from it as a preview of what awaits you in the poetry books. It is one of the more well-behaved poems, but all the more delicate and beautiful:


An hour of happiness by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 08/02/2018

An hour of happiness

I am delighted with you

And love returns

A little wind, sun☀️

And bare feet in the brook

I wake up respectfully again

A little daydreaming

Without missing anything

The farmers fetch the plums from the trees

I am grateful and happy

The dog barks his yooho

Life is good😊 so

Walk together instead of standing in the rain

To understand each other instead of going away

To love one another instead of despairing





Thanks for reading it! Good night to you!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser