Nebulös Famös free mp3 zu dem Video Andromeda Nebel wie die Raupe Nimmersatt by Ralf Christoph Kaiser free Download -

Nebulös Famös free mp3 for the video Andromeda Nebel wie die Raupe Nimmersatt by Ralf Christoph Kaiser free download

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Dear friends of art and music from Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I am publishing a beautiful new Astro-Art video with two real-time shots of the Andromeda Nebula in approx. 1000x magnification.
The Andromeda Nebula looks like a caterpillar in its artwork that eats through everything during the collision with the Milky Way and glows like a disco ball in rainbow colors.
You can see the front view here and also a tricked side view for fun. The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS R with the telephoto lens 500 / 8.0 from Walimex with aperture 22 set to C and the distance from the depth of field to only approx. 50 meters instead of infinity. As a result, the bright white star (Andromeda Nebula), which is otherwise only slightly blinking with the naked eye and which is currently (June 1, 2020) at around 11 p.m. well visible in Germany to the west, is blurred and at the same time these light reflections are visible in all Rainbow colors visible. I was really amazed when I noticed that while playing around with the camera and I took a second picture today by exposing a photo for 15 seconds and moving the camera with the lens so that it looks like there was one A chain of brightly colored confetti that looks like the caterpillar caterpillar in the end ;-)
In Final Cut pro I put the two pictures on top of each other to have the effect that the caterpillar can be seen from the front and from the side at the same time ... ;-)
I just find this idea LOL.

The music that is highlighted is a song by me from 11.11.2018 and is called Nebulös Famös. I think the name fits the fabulous Andromeda Nebel and the music is also a little bit spherical and inspired colorfully performed.

I am very grateful that I currently have the technical possibilities to shoot such videos! It may all just look like a joke and fun entertainment, but I find this artistic contribution for the hobby astro community, which is sure to be interesting worldwide ...

If you like it please leave a comment!

You get the song for the video as a free mp3 download and with loosless wav version and also the original photo in high resolution for free for your free use, please only use my name when used as by Ralf Christoph Kaiser.

Thank you.

Hope you enjoy it.
Thanks for your support!

best regards
Ralf Christoph Kaiser