new Audiodrama: Elb Fairytale in the Wood by Ralf Christoph Kaiser now on as free mp3 -

new Audiodrama:Elb Fairytale in the Wood by Ralf Christoph Kaiser now on as free mp3

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Dear friends of the art and music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I would like to give you the new audio drama: "Elb Fairytale in the Wood" as a Nicholas present as a free mp3 download. The radio play lasts 11 minutes and takes place in several different locations. There is no spoken text except for the singing of the mermaids and the knotty gnomes at the lake. The fairy tale works completely without spoken text. A fabulous world is created in the mind of the viewer through music and sound noises and everyone can think of their own feature film while listening and visualize it in their minds.
This production was created in cooperation with Ghosthack.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone else who contributed to making this audio drama possible.
Also to be mentioned here are:
Title: Optimistic Corporate Inspiration 10 Minutes

Publisher: four_track
Composer: Andre Albrecht
Title: Upbeat Uplifting Acoustic Indie Folk

Composer: Yuarmusic
both pieces of music are licensed through

I myself played the flute in several places in the audio drama and set various sound noises to the film live. The talking gnomes at the lake are also mine. I formed sounds in a fantasy language and processed the whole thing with a few effects and filters so that it sounds so funny and fantasy-like.
Later today you will also get the audio drama as an HD Surround Sound download in my store
Now I wish you a lot of fun with the radio play and thank you for your support!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser