neues Klassik Album: "Die Unke im Pfuhl" by Ralf Christoph Kaiser mit 16 Songs und 26 unterschiedlichen Versionen jetzt als free mp3 Download hier bei -

new classic album:"Die Unke im Pfuhl"by Ralf Christoph Kaiser with 16 songs and 26 different versions now as a free mp3 download here at

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Dear friends of music and art from Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Today you get the new classic album: "Die Unke im Pfuhl" as a free mp3 download here in the store. The download zip archive is approx. 230 MB in size.

It contains the following works:


01: 2 Cellos Symfonic
02: Best Modus Ever
03: Camembert with cranberry jam
04: The knight Kunibert is back
05: The toad in the pool
06: The water striders have fun
07: Thunderstorm love at night, I'm awake for it
08: I live thank god
09: I love you
10: It's always nice and warm in the threshing floor, you are my crush
11: But now
12: O beautiful home
13: Summer thunderstorm
14: If I had known, it's all sausage again
15: How I would love to hug you
16: Two steps back one forward

If you like the music inYou want to hear high resolution audio with 32 bit 192 Khz and you will also want to have the notes here at Find what you are looking for.


I wish you a lot of fun with the music and thank you for your support!


Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser for