neuer Klassik Hit: "Best Modus Ever" in C-Dur in Version 1 mit kleiner Besetzung by Ralf Christoph Kaiser als free mp3 Download -

new classic hit:"Best Modus Ever"in C major in version 1 with small cast by Ralf Christoph Kaiser as free mp3 download

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Hello dear ones, this is the new piece from me. Short but powerful. Like a triumphant short march with timpani and trumpets. The piece is called Best Modus Ever in C major. It sounds like a short and boldly thrown musical sketch in the greatest possible happiness on earth. Like when you suddenly get an admission ticket to the Garden of Eden and vampire yourself in an orgasmic love for life, for people and for nature. Like a summer fairy tale in the glowing, sweltering heat where you want to tear off your clothes and jump into the cool water, then a latte macchiato and ice cream. Nice conversations and fleeting contacts in true love with deep impact and tender greetings. Ceremonial honor and lively lemonade. Traffic in the request very much and thank you, I reconcile with the world. Moaning mermaids, smirking heralds, generous gods and the happiness of little people with the best care - that's Best Mode EverMan can trust himself again and look out of his eyes with confidence. Seeing hope and reaping happiness is now the motto Thank you world, that's how I ordered it today Greetings Ralf


PS Here you get version 1 as free mp3.

There are two other versions also for large symphony orchestra. It is included with the in the store.