new fictional short story that takes place in Colombia in 1968:The drug baron in Colombia has married and photo collage and radio play:"Civil War and Rescue of the Family"by Ralf Christoph Kaiser HD Sound and mp3 and JPG and PDF

new fictional short story that takes place in Colombia in 1968:The drug baron in Colombia has married and photo collage and radio play:"Civil War and Rescue of the Family"by Ralf Christoph Kaiser HD Sound and mp3 and JPG and PDF

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Dear friends of Ralf Christoph Kaiser's art and music, today I'm publishing a new fictional short story that takes place in Colombia in 1968: "The drug baron in Colombia has got married"

It describes a few WHO problems and briefly summarizes a tragic family history. It's a sad story, with drama and loss, but maybe things will get better in the future?

The photo collage of the cover that you see here was cobbled together from the following 5 photos in Photoshop through image processing:

Photo of family with 2 children holding hands by pressmaster on Adobe Villa in the background: Никита Козлов on Adobe Helicopter: designprojects on Adobe Jeep: Oleg Mirabo on Adobe Colombian Military Flag: vladimirfloyd on Adobe

The radio play tells the story in a musically abstract and naive way. In it, the sunburst electric guitar is something like the narrator of the story and plays its way through the piece with various main motifs in the melody. A few special effects are built in, such as the helicopter at the beginning and the lion's roar at the end. In between, various beats and bass melodies play combined with FX sound noises such as birds chirping or high heels on asphalt and a kiss from the lovers at the wedding and children cheering.

The shots that are actually still fired in the story are only to be understood symbolically and therefore do not appear in the audio play at all. The drama here is caused solely by the sound mix and the lead guitar.

I hope you enjoy watching and listening to this bedtime story on


Now the story:


The drug lord in Colombia got married

The helicopter lands on a tarred landing pad in front of the villa. Palm trees all around, the crescent moon in the sky. The sun is just going down.

We had a men's round with sugar cane schnapps and cigars playing cards when the rotors sounded. Ratratrater screw screw, now he's coming down. It winds all around from the rotors, then they stand still and the engine howls again briefly while idling.

Now the door opens and she climbs out at the back in white with a hat.
Gorgeous woman along with her son and daughter.

They're coming towards us towards the porch.

The butler carries the luggage afterwards, the pilot drives a caddy to the garage and stows away several boxes.

They come from the fresh harvest from the coca plantations.

We have scheduled our second wedding for today.

Instead of a priest, we asked the family doctor to pass the rings for us.

The children throw some rose petals and you kiss me.

Then suddenly shots from a rapid-fire weapon ring out.

I call to the guard at the gate to reply,

but the others race into the yard in a jeep and start shooting.

Apparently some of the new boys in the military who planned the coup against their own countrymen.n.

Now everything goes very quickly, we get to safety by running over the porch into the house.

But my wife helps the little daughter up and gets caught.

The dress turns red and the child cries.

She falls and groans.

Meanwhile, the rear guards' barrage comes from us and shoots the shooter in the back of the jeep. He howls briefly and falls theatrically from the loading area.

The driver and the passenger shoot out of the window and want to turn the car to escape, but first it hits the tires that burst and then the driver.

The jeep skids and the passenger takes a bullet and hangs out the window.

My son is safe and I watch as the doctor tries to save the girl.

She's lying on the porch with a laceration on her arm.

I order the jeep to be torched along with the 3 deceased occupants.

Before we found out who the guys were.

Their families will never be safe again.

The military coup was prevented by the old guard standing with us.

The Drugs for Peace Pact stops here.

The boys have to bow.

There are multiple executions in the city on the other side.

The population is in turmoil.

The President steps in front of the crowd and speaks soothing words.

The business community has hit many hard.

A divided country and much poverty.

Either you have land and money or you are worthless.

Science is under the thumb and anything but free.

The whole elite is bought.

Freedom of the press is a foreign word here.

Equal rights for men and women Shame and disgrace.

Even the bus driver secretly carries a gun, just in case.

The police don't take it too seriously, they rather make sure that the demonstrations decrease through tolerance of the drugs.

In some of the city's bars, government vouchers give free beer and bread to the poor.

A human life is only worth as much as it is willing to work hard.

Those who can no longer are often taken around the corner when the money runs out.

The hospitals are the nation's better sickness. Anyone who lands here can sign their death certificate at the same time.

Anyone who is self-respecting orders a family doctor who comes home for cash, because only cash is real.

The children of the higher earners are mostly taught at home by 1-2 tutors.

In the schools there are almost only gang wars and drugs and violence, normal lessons are hardly possible, which is why Normal children grow up quickly and then have to work on the plantations or in the factories from the age of 10 or 12.

Some children feed the whole family with their income while the father is ill and the mother drinks or vice versa.




In the download here in the store you get the HD Sound Wav file of the radio play and the title graphic with the photo collage in high resolution and the story as a PDF as well as the mp3 for your mobile phone.