Neues Gloreiches klassisches Orchester Stück: "Jetzt Aber" in C-Dur by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in Gedenken an Jakob den I. König von England, Schottland und Irland in Personalunion -

New glorious classical orchestral piece:"Jetzt Aber"in C major by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in memory of Jacob I King of England, Scotland and Ireland in personal union

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Dear friends of art by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and, today I have composed a glorious orchestral work, which I would like to give you here today as mp3. I had great joy composing and it felt like a Scottish guard with a chapel marching with bagpipe players and drummers and there was a ceremonial coronation. Then I did a little digging in the story and came to Jakob the 1st King of England, Scotland and Ireland in personal union. He was crowned king at the age of 12 and had the united kingdom under him. The Wikipedia entry reads like an adventure novel and it was definitely a difficult time back then, but I found the idea of a united kingdom together with England, Scotland and Ireland very appealing today when I looked around for it.
The coat of arms of Jacob the I is really very special and extremely beautiful and magical. You can see it here as a cover.The file is from
It is from the time: Coat of Arms of England 1603-1649..

Maybe a bit spun to worship that so many centuries later, but what better than a comparison to the music of mine I can think of currently nothing better.
I love Scotland and this time.
Maybe there is a feature film that takes place in time and then my work could serve as film music.
I hope you enjoy the piece.

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser