new short story:"I'm driving away for my life"now as a bedtime story in PDF format for download

new short story:"I'm driving away for my life"now as a bedtime story in PDF format for download

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I'm driving away for my life
want to give me some exercise
come to you
The lights are already shining from the street
I park under the walnut tree
I'm excited like the first time
It's been so long
It seems to me like months have passed
I was present twice in vain
When you had a day off
once bought nuts
Now I stand in the room and greet tenderly
You can hardly hear my voice
I'll wait my turn
Stand behind you and wait for the sun to rise
I ask the landlord if there is still hot food tonight
Then suddenly you turn around
Look me straight in the eyes
and call for another 50 minutes you have warm kitchen…
like you're mad that I kept you waiting so long
I almost sink into the ground in embarrassment
But tell me: then I'm just in timeg“
„What can you recommend today??“
She raves about a tarte flambée with Munster cheese and figs
I am fascinated and floored at the same time:
Stammer in reply:

 „that's what i take“

You say: what do you want to drink with itn?“
I ask your father: Do you also have new sweethearts?n?“
It denies, then I call to you:
„Then I take a coke wheaten“

Next, I ask if I may sit outside?

You say: yes there is a table already wiped and clean right next to the pond!!“

„Take the one with the 30…“

I say ok and slip outside.

It's cozy and beautiful there under the canopy of leaves next to the pond.

I light a cigarillo and puff on it.

It's suddenly like Christmas.

You bring the cola wheat and it gets light for me.t.

Later you put the tarte flambée on the table and I'm amazed.

It tastes better than a tarte flambée has ever tasted, despite the loneliness…

I feel like I'm in seventh heaven.

Then you come later after the meal to clear up and ask if you can have another beer.

I explain to you that one was enough for me because otherwise I wouldn't be able to come home.

We start a conversation and you tell us a bit about your life.

For my part, I'm asking if you know where I could find a new apartment…

You say you've been looking for yourself for a long time.

It seems like everything is going by each other

You explain to the other guests inside that I would look 62 with my gray beard

I agree with you, even though I'm only 50.

You at 29 definitely deserve better.

Paying is like magic.

You ask me to turn on some light with my cell phone

My flashlight illuminates your face

So beautiful that I spontaneously exclaim: Wow, you are beautiful!!“

- I almost moan this sentence in your ear -

You purr but seem to hear compliments like that quite often…

I would have liked to nibble you right away and that moment when you bend your head over the table and look in your purse to look for the ransom…

Two skillful handles and you pull out the bills.

I'm fascinated, never had such a forehead to forehead lantern light performance

As if nothing had happened, I ask if I could also go to the side of the terrace.

You say there is a barrier with a chain, but I can go under there…

Somehow it feels a bit like a schoolboy who has messed up something and then just gets away with the teacher when I sneak away…

It was really much better with you today than just milk and chocolate

It was nut tart and cream liqueur

Creme brulee and 1000end beautiful

Longing and bliss in a secret place abroad

Somewhere in nowhere…

A flophouse with hope despite the impending end of the world

A better kitchen with good encouragement

like a beautiful one in hidingk…“

Thank you and I love you!