New Song by Ralf Christoph Kaiser: "Der Cosmische Schöpfergeist" in kombination mit dem dazu passenden Kunstwerk mit dem selben Namen auf -

New song by Ralf Christoph Kaiser:"The Cosmic Creator Spirit"in combination with the matching artwork with the same name on

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Dear friends of Ralf Christoph Kaiser's music, today I am publishing the work of art:Der-Cosmische-Schöpfergeist-by-Ralf-Christoph-Kaiser-mit-Fotos-von-dmitr86 and chikovnaya and SpicyTruffel and rolffimages from Adobe It is a photo collage composed of four individual images as the cover for the new song:The Cosmic Creator Spirit by Ralf Christoph Kaiser. The song is an electro production from 7 years ago that has never been released before.
The artwork with the photo collage:"The Cosmic Creator Spirit"shows the star birth in Carina Nebula better known as Grand Nebula (photo by dmitr86 on Adobe Stock) in combination with several swallows that fly around in the foreground and promote the process and produce healing (photo by hikovnaya on Adobe Stock), a large eagle that flies in from the side to accompany the situation (Photo by rolffimages on Adobe Stock) and an abstract illustration of the greatest abundance of humanity, so to speak, like the treasure of the Holy Grail of the knights from the round table in the form of a sun and the moon, which disappears here like a black hole and through your death the star birth in the"Grand Nebula"as a necessary consequence of this union of light with the dark"anti matter"at another place in the Calls cosmos, so to speak.
I hope you enjoy this work of art consisting of a photo collage and a piece of music.

Thanks for your support!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser