New Tone Jazz Trio by Ralf Christoph Kaiser als free mp3 Download -

New Tone Jazz Trio by Ralf Christoph Kaiser as free mp3 download

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Dear friends of and the art and music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, Tonight there is a new gift for all of you in the form of a free mp3 with the piece: New Tone Jazz Trio. With this work I dared a new type of composition that breaks the boundaries and listening habits. All schemes and musical rules are used very artistically and at the same time overcome. The upright bass plays a humorous number that is a little bit funny. The trumpet provides a few special melodies and musical themes in ever new facets and the flute takes on the contra part in the clear height. A bit playful, sometimes like a subtle echo. For the most part, however, the flute plays very understandingly and still determines its own style..
The three voices in this New Tone Jazz Trio in E-Minor by Ralf Christoph Kaiser are talking and seem to be coordinating. Sometimes they go into each other and accompany each other, sometimes they set accents for each other, but despite the unusual harmonies, all instruments seem to speak a language that is constructive in terms of argumentation.hen.
All in all there are several runs, with moves that are already known from my earlier compositions, but this time in such a way that the boundaries are overcome, as if from realism to surrealism.

Accordingly, the cover also fits very well. It shows three beauties with their surfboards who want to jump into the waves, but instead of the ocean in front of you, you see a sea of clouds and stand on a high plateau above a city with a view of the night sky which is illuminated by the full moon . Like an unconscious dream scene that evokes a fantasy, nature and sports film in the viewer. Large and dominant in the picture is also a large adult whale, which instead of swimming in the deep sea hovers above the clouds in the sky and attracts everyone's attention. The stars twinkle and wander through the picture like glitter and fireworks. Everything together looks mysterious and shrouded in legend with a lot of implied sex appeal and arouses great anticipation for upcoming adventures.r.
The cover photo was designed by Williyam on Adobe Stock and exactly matches the mood and the idea of the jazzy piece of music.
Whoever sees the cover wants to listen to the music immediately and whoever has heard the music wants to understand immediately what it means, because one thing is for sure, the trio is extraordinary and special.
I wish you a lot of fun with it

Best regards
Ralf Kaiser

PS:The sheet music for the piece is now available here in the store